0006399 CBC (DIFF/PLT)
0007573 IRN TOT,
0000457 FERRITIN
0000793 RETIC CNT
0000927 VITAMIN B12
0000593 LD

Anemia occurs when the number of red cells in the blood or the amount of hemoglobin in the red cells drops below normal.  This can occur because of poor production of the red cell, increased destruction of the red cell, or loss of the red cell through bleeding.
Red blood cells and the hemoglobin contained within them are necessary for the transport and delivery of oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Without a sufficient supply of oxygen, many tissues and organs throughout the body can be adversely affected. The effect of this can make you feel tired or drained, sleepy, and make your muscle cramp or ache.
This panel is designed to help you confirm a chronic anemia such as one from heavy menstrual bleeding or a chronic disease.  If you suspect a rapid bleed such as from an injury or you have an undiagnosed rectal bleed with or without abdominal pain, or you noticed a rapid onset of the above symptoms, our MIMPC providers strongly recommend that you immediately seek the assistance of your local emergency room for further assessment as this could be life threatening if treatment is prolonged.

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