*Heart Health Panel


0010231 CMP
0006399 CBC W/DIFF
0010124 hs-CRP
0007600 LIPID PNL
0000461 FIBRNOGN
0000899 TSH
0000866 T-4, FREE

Blood tests alone are not the only determination for heart health.  It’s important to consider multiple other factors (both controllable and uncontrollable) when calculating your risk for heart disease in addition to checking a thorough blood panel.  For instance, if you’re an older male or postmenopausal female who smokes, is obese, has diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, works in a stressful job and has a family history of heart attacks, then the chances of you having an adverse cardiac event some time in your life is higher than if you had none of these things.
With that in mind, the collection of items below offers an excellent way for you to satisfy at least the blood testing portion of a complete heart assessment.  Use the results of these values in conjunction with a thorough physical examination including blood pressure check, heart rate, weight and height (to calculate your body mass index), review of your family history, eating and smoking habits, and other risk factors for a more complete picture of your chances for a heart attack in your future.

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