0000223 ALBUMIN
0000234 ALK PHOS
0000822 AST
0000823 ALT
0008847 PT W/ INR
0000482 GGT
0006399 CBC (DIFF/PLT)

Liver enzyme tests (liver function tests) are routine laboratory examinations which are used to monitor the function of the liver.  They are usually ordered with your general physical examination or your doctor might order them if you are taking a medication which has the potential of causing harm to your liver such as a cholesterol lowering agent or anti-seizure medication.  Other reasons for ordering this panel of tests might be to monitor your liver if you have a disease such as hepatitis or if you excessively drink alcohol.
This panel is designed to detect inflammation and damage to liver cells. Usually when this happens, enzymes from in the liver cells spill out from the damage cells and into the blood causing a rise in their number (AST, ALT).  A chronically sick liver will have difficulty making proteins including the ones essential for clotting (Albumin, Total Protein, PT/INR, CBC with Diff/Plts).
This panel can also indicate bile duct or gallbladder disease (Alkaline Phosphatase, GGT) as well as let you know if obstruction in the bile system is occuring (Total Bilirubin, Direct Bilirubin).

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