Allergy Panel


This panel will test for common food and respiratory allergies.  The respiratory panel tests for common environmental allergens in Southern California.  For other regions, call us.

Anemia Panel


This panel is designed to evaluate or monitor red cells, hematocrit, iron and other body components which are often used to define the condition of anemia.

Arthritis Panel


This panel checks for Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune reasons for aching joints.

Bone Health Panel


This panel helps to evaluate possible conditions which may affect bone density. 

Cholesterol Panel


This panel checks for abnormal cholesterol management.

Diabetes Panel


This panel will diagnose or monitor the condition of diabetes mellitus.

Drug Screen Panel


This panel tests for 10 of the most commonly abused drugs.  This test  does NOT qualify for a chain of custody (COC) drug test.  

Easy Bruising and Bleeding


This panel checks for many of the common conditions which might cause easy bleeding or bruising.

Fatigue and Muscle Weakness Panel


This panel explores possible conditions which attribute to fatigue and weakness.

General Health Screen


This panel evaluates basic laboratory values often tested by your doctor to check general health.

Heart Health Panel


This panel monitors heart health by testing common risk factors which can be assess through laboratory testing.

Hepatitis Panel


This panel is a typical but comprehensive group of tests which may be used to indicate liver disease due to hepatitis or autoimmune disease.

Immunity Titer Panel


This panel checks for all typical immunization titers.  

Kidney Health Panel


This panel checks for basic kidney health.

Liver Health Panel


This panel is a typical but comprehensive group of tests which may be used to indicate liver disease.

Thyroid Panel


This panel is used to diagnose or monitor various thyroid disorders.  If you have a history of thyroid cancer or other thyroid complications, your doctor might use this panel to monitor your progress on or off medication.

Pregnancy Panel


These are the tests your obstetrician would likely check sometime during your pregnancy to assure your health and that of your unborn. 

STD Panel #1


This is a comprehensive and complete panel of tests which check all common STDs which can be checked by blood or urine.  (It does not check for HSV).

STD Panel #2


This panel tests for the two most common STDs:  gonorrhea and chlamydia

STD Panel #3


This STD panel checks for HIV and Hepatitis B and C.  This particular combination of infections can lead to more advance disease than any one of them alone.

STD Panel #4


This panel checks for herpes and syphillis.